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    Bike Odyssey

    An epic mtb race

    19th to 26th of June, 2016 in the mountains of Greece

    Pindos, the largest mountain range in Greece, will host for the fourth time the toughest mtb race, a cycling odyssey or else “Bike Odyssey 2016”.

    Eight days – a prologue & seven stages, in a harsh mtb adventure. From the village of Smixi in Grevena up to the historical city of Amfiklia, this race will be a cycling odyssey for the riders!

    This amazing race attracts worldwide interest and offers excitement both at participating athletes and spectators. The route will include both paths and gravel roads in forested landscapes as well as small asphalt sections. The race will be a real mountain adventure for those who love mtb!

    Bike Odyssey returns after its huge success in 2015. A magical journey awaits participants with passages from 57 picturesque, mountainous villages of unrivaled natural beauty and historical significance!

    „Bike Odyssey“ comes in three other versions for those who want to taste a little of magic of the 8-day version. There will be a three-day race, «3-Day Odyssey», alongside the last 3 stages of 8-day Bike Odyssey. In addition the following one day races will take place: “Smixi MTB Race, a race which will be held along with the prologue in Smixi and daylong «1-Day Odyssey» to be held in parallel with the last stage.

    More information about the whole event in race’s official webpage:

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      The new site of Bike Odyssey is ready!

      The new site of Bike Odyssey is ready and is a creation of New design and new more intuitive layout so you can find all the information that interest you easily and quickly!

      But the changes are going on! In September will be announced all the changes that will occur on routes, stations, regulations, packages etc…

      Explore it now!

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      Watch the teaser video of Bike Odyssey 2016!

      Watch the teaser video of Bike Odyssey 2016 and get a taste of the most hard and adventurous mtb race! Τhe mountain range of Pindos waiting for you……ey-2016.html

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      Registrations opening for Bike Odyssey 2016!

      On 01/12/2015 at 12:00am will begin registrations for 2016 of the most hard mtb race in Greece! Registrations will remain open until 31/12/2015.

      Stay tuned now and every day until 1/12, as the official site of Bike Odyssey will be continuously updated in structure and there will be changes, for example on routes, to the rules and participation packages.

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      Super Deals on participation packages!

      On 12.1.2015 at 12:00 a.m. (at midnight-30/11 dawn to 1/12) the registrations for Bike Odyssey 2016 will open and will be accompanied by unique offers on participation packages!

      See the deals for participation packages and try to win the best for you:

      Offers for 8-day Bike Odyssey

      Offers for 3-Day Bike Odyssey

      For any clarification do not hesitate to contact with us!

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      The Bike Odyssey finishes at the sea in 2016!

      The last two stages of Bike Odyssey change for 2016! New routes, new experiences!

      The village of Gravia is replaced by the village of Ano Chora in Mountainous Nafpaktiaat at an altitude of 1,060m. Located in the middle of an amazing forest of fir and chestnut trees that penetrate to the village. It is an area very special and unique in Greece and has fairly characterized as the „Alps“ of Greece.

      The town of Amfiklia is replaced by the city of Nafpaktos (Lepanto). A beautiful and a picturesque seaside town with a rich history and many attractions. Excellent choice to continue with vacation after the end of the race!

      Various procedures of the race affected by these changes will be announced in detail in the coming days. Stay tuned…

      Total route

      6th stage

      7th stage

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      Last year's teams are addicted to Bike Odyssey and are returning in 2016!

      We are in the final straight to the registrations’ opening of Bike Odyssey 2016!

      Only 5 days left!

      Already 13 teams from 8-day race and 13 teams from the 3-day race of 2015 will take part in Bike Odyssey 2016, since they have been addicted to one of the toughest mtb races in the world! The event will return in 2016 more impressive than ever!

      So, do not waste any more time! View the packages, pick the one that suits you and register immediately when the registrations will open!

      The fastest will get great offers!

      Moreover the participation of last year's teams will not affect the offers for new teams.

      More information on

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      Give a gift to yourself!

      This Christmas there is a unique gift for you, Bike Odyssey!

      Treat yourself to the most thrilling experience of your life through the most amazing and picturesque routes in mountainous Greece!

      In few days registrations will close to give the baton to one-day races, Smixi MTB Race and 1-Day Bike Odyssey.

      Hurry up because time is running out! Register:

      Bike Odyssey

      3-Day Bike Odyssey

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      The video about the route of Bike Odyssey 2016 contains useful information for each stage and village such as map, altitude differences, difficulty, and highlights of last year's race

      Bike Odyssey 2016: The Route

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