Slovenian Rajd Cup Events series 4x/BMX/Dirt

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  • kdrajd

    Hi everyone!

    I am inviting you all to the second event od RAJD Cup, series of 4×, BMX and DIRT contest. The event is held on 14.6.2008 at Ljubljana's BMX track. 4× and BMX races are on flat track (4 lines) and DIRT competitors have option with 2 big jumps/3 smaller + quater.

    First round was spectacular, especially the dirt contest, we saw some great tricks (360 double tailwhip, 360 backflip… ). Please all good dirt jumpers, come and show what you can do First price for DIRT winner is 100€ + many practical awards, and for others practial awards.

    Some pretty good pictures from round #1 can be found here:…dPokal1.html

    All other info (registration, location, scheduler) can be found here:…

    And for any other information, i am avaliable on

    and +386 31 807 335

    See you!

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    • kdrajd  

      Because of bad weather forecast, the event is moved to 5.7.2008!

      Thank you for your understanding!

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