Hi Guys, I need help - GT DHi '03

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  • David_p

    Hi I need disc brake adaptor for my GT Dhi, polish GT distributor don't have it, but maybe Czech distributor will have it. I've written e-mail to „cyklosport“ and to „dookie.cz“ but probably they don't speak english because they didn't answered. So it would be really great if any of you can translate my e-mail to Czech language, send it to Czech GT distributor, and write me an e-mail or post here what they answered.

    Here's e-mail that I want you to translate :

    Hello I need disc brake caliper mount for my GT DHi (GT Part number – G30659, ATI Part number – ATIOT0292), LockRing Washers and LockRing screws (washer GT part# – G03870, Ati part # – ATIWS0036, Screws Ati part # – ATIBO0090) do you have those parts? is it possible for you to send it to Poland, and how much would it cost?

    Thank You

    Please, translate it and send it to Czech GT distributor, and when they answer – send me an e-mail ( my email – piatek.david@gmail.com ).

    Thanks in advance. Cheers

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